What to tell about Africa?

Exciting my stories won't certainly be as I never visited that continent. Unless of course I would be that writing talent I thought I could become when I was still in secundary school. You know, I was no typical pub visitor who integrated herself spontaneously in any what for alcoholics consumption intended etablishment! Especially not in student cafes of the kind the more fluent end of highschool pupil used to visit in the first half of the seventies. Afterward I'm still amazed how my mind brought the stories of one of my schoolmates to life. It was as if I weekly watched one of the better soaps of Flanders' bottom.   Since decades Ghanese people ask me to visit their country for which of God's sakes on Earth. I fear it is at most for me to do an effort, how small it must be, to get tourism alive there. Else it is certainly because Western civisalition is about to disappear there. My hope the Africain architecture will ever put more spacious rooms on plan ros